Land of Lisp in Japan

Didn’t expect to run into this little guy in Japan.



What a pleasant surprise. The entire book has been translated into Japanese as well (yes, including all the comics in it).


Interesting Discussions on Lisp

Who would have thought that an online book about typography would contains an interesting article about Lisp? The Hacker News thread of the article is also a fascinating read, contains many illuminating discussions about Lisp and Racket.


I have also found another interesting thread about Lisp on Hacker News, which is about this blog post which talks about the current state of Common Lisp.

Poppler font rendering bug and a workaround

So lately I’ve been plagued with a bug where fi and fl ligatures are not displayed in Okular. Needless to say, this makes reading textbooks, especially mathematics textbooks with all those words like “define” and “definition”, supremely annoying.

After finally having some free time, I started googling around and finally found the cause. It’s a bug with poppler.

Fortunately, there is a workaround that solves the problem. Hopefully this bug will get a properly fix soon, but for now this will do.