Resources on Common Lisp type declarations

In my last post on Common Lisp, I mentioned how I learned that Common Lisp has a gradual/optional typing. Indeed, that was one of the many reasons that piqued me interested in the language.

However, it turns out that finding documentations or tutorials that teach how to use Common Lisp type declarations is harder than expected.

So the following is a hodgepodge collection of links related to type and type declarations in Common Lisp that I have found to be useful.

First is a paper (PDF) by Didier Verna. The paper describes how to use static typing to make Lisp as fast as C, and contains great examples on how to use type declarations to speed up Lisp code, as well as other optimization techniques, such as profiling, using the correct data structures, etc.

Next is a 3 parts blog posts by Patrick Stein. These articles chronicle how Patrick learned how to use compilers and type declarations to speed up matrix multiplications in Common Lisp.

And last but not least is this little Q&A thread on StackOverflow, which contains concise examples of how to declare as well as check the types.

And of course, the ever-useful Common Lisp HyperSpec contains plenty of references information on type specifiers, a type declaration, and a declare expression.


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